Ohitika Basketball 67, Chamberlain Cubs 44 (Sat.Jan.6)


The Cubs won the jump ball and immediately went into their half-court offense. Chamberlain sits in the 7th spot of the South Dakota Region 6-A standings and have yet to win a game this season at (0-7). Four of the five starters for the Braves would miss their first shot attempt of the night, but Sophomore #1 Damien Clown would heat up with 7pts in the 1st quarter. With the game close all throughout the first half  Cheyenne-Eagle Butte would go into the locker room at half-time with the lead. 

In the 3rd quarter Sophomore #23 Austin Johnson would check in for the Braves. Johnson has lockdown defense, and his long-range shot is one of the best at C-EB. Johnson would get a steal that would lead to an easy 2pt bucket, immediately following the bucket Johnson picks the ball off and heads in for another lay-up. The Chamberlain Cub who Johnson stole the ball from would chase him intensely to the hoop, and as Johnson released the ball, the Cubs defender would intentionally throw Johnson into the ground and land on his head with elbow out. There is tough defense, hustle plays, but this was an act of anger that was called a shooting foul. We could literally hear the crowds’ obvious disappointment in the no-call flagrant foul. Johnson’s lay-up rolled into the bucket for 2 pts and Austin would get a free throw shot to follow. Although this was a disappointing situation to witness from the Braves’ cheering section, the and 1 from Johnson would spark a vibe from Coach Eberhard and his Braves. Immediately Johnson’s team-mates would turn up their game on both ends and Cheyenne-Eagle Butte would cruise through the 4th quarter to their 5th victory on the season, putting Braves Basketball at (5-2), and the best record of all 10 CRST High School Basketball teams this season. (2023-2024)

KIPI Sports’ Carl Petersen had post-game interview with Cheyenne-Eagle Butte’s Captain Sophomore PG Levi Elk Nation. Levi started for the Braves last year as a freshman and led the State in drawing charges, and earning the Captain spot in his Sophomore year for Braves Basketball. Elk Nation has high expectations for his Braves. Ohitika faithful are confident that Elk Nation and his class of Super Sophs can return Cheyenne-Eagle Butte to the State Tournament for the 20th time in the school’s history. Along with Austin Johnson, Nehemiah Veaux, Dayson Kennedy, Damien Clown, Ayden Uses Knife, Destinn Straight Head, Nicholas Woods II, Jayden Taken Alive, the sophomore class is looking very bright for Cheyenne-Eagle Butte. Braves’ Freshman class Nicholas Joaquin, Marty Marshall, Decimus Grass and Juniors Easton Lawrence and Danah Diver, but cant forget lone Senior BIG Braxton Kennedy. Coach Galen Eberhard, Beau Kingfisher, Harlee Neigel-The 2024 Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Braves Boys Basketball Team. 

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