The Bravehearts Are Back!

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The Bravehearts Are Back! 

Oglala Lakota College Bravehearts have returned and are pumped up for another year of collegiate basketball! The Bravehearts have both a men’s and women’s team this year. Shaun Little Horn coaches the Bravehearts (men’s team) & Mary Tobacco and Jessie Ten Fingers coach the Lady Bravehearts. 

Season Update: 

The men’s team held an intramural scrimmage on February 12th. The women’s team had their intramural scrimmage on February 13th. The rosters for the men’s and women’s teams were released on February 15th.   

Over the weekend of February 17th & 18th, Oglala Lakota College had their first games of the collegiate basketball season. Both Braveheart teams traveled to New Town, North Dakota for the NHSC (Nueta, Hidatsa, Sahnish College) Invite. The Bravehearts (men’s team) finished the weekend 2-1. The first day they played one game against Fort Peck College and lost with a final score in overtime of 80-91. The next day they defeated NHSC 57-41 & Chief Dull Knife College 100-60. The Lady Bravehearts won both games this weekend, finishing 2-0. They beat NHSC 47-42 & Chief Dull Knife College 41-31.   

The Bravehearts men’s and women’s team have one home game and one away game left, both against Chief Dull Knife College. These games will conclude their regular season play before they participate in the 2024 AIHEC (American Indian Higher Education Consortium) basketball tournament.  

The five Lady Bravehearts that are Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal members are listed below:    

Devon Spoonhunter- 2016 Lawrence High School, KS graduate  

Jacobie Knight- 2020 Red Cloud High School graduate  

Jay’Ellen Red Fox- 2021 Eagle Butte High School graduate  

Lynda Charger- 2021 Dupree High School graduate  

McKadyn Chasing Hawk- 2022 Dupree High School graduate  


We want to wish the Bravehearts and Lady Bravehearts good luck for the rest of their basketball season. KIPI Radio is proud of all Cheyenne River Student Athletes!   

Attached is the Men’s and Women’s basketball schedule for February & March 2024. Get ready to witness the Bravehearts’ fierce determination and passion for the sport.



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