KIPI News June 7, 2023 – Part 1

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American Indian and Alaska Native women of childbearing age are at a heightened risk for heart disease, the American Heart Association warned. — and high rates of trauma and violence increase that risk even further. In the statement, published in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, an AHA committee examining the heart health of American Indian and Alaska Native women writes that the majority of these women already have heart problems when they become pregnant. More than 60 percent have “suboptimal” cardiovascular health — linked with worse heart outcomes later in life the panel says. Up to 72 percent of women in some Native communities have Type 2 diabetes, and nearly half have obesity.



Interior Secretary Deb Haaland revealed her department is withdrawing more than 336,000 acres of public land around Chaco Culture National Historical Park in New Mexico from oil and gas drilling for 20 years, building on an announcement from President Joe Biden in November 2021. “Today marks an important step in fulfilling President Biden’s commitments to Indian Country by protecting Chaco Canyon, a sacred place that holds deep meaning for the Indigenous peoples whose ancestors have called this place home since time immemorial,” Haaland said in a statement on the withdrawal order from Interior’s Bureau of Land Management.

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