KIPI News June 29, 2023 – Part 1

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At this year’s World Lacrosse Championships happening now in San Diego, one team has a new name and a fresh dream: to be the best in the world and showcase its Indigenous excellence. “The quest is gold medal,” said Haudenosaunee Nationals Head Coach Lars Tiffany ahead of the World Lacrosse Championships. “The challenges will be real and large.” Tiffany grew up near the Onondaga Nation in New York. He was the team’s assistant coach at the last World Lacrosse Championships in 2018 in Israel, where they placed third. Then they were known as the “Iroquois Nationals,” but that’s changed now. The origin of the word “Iroquois” is the subject of debate, but present-day Haudenosaunee connect it to a French variant of “snake” and “murderer.”


A group of lawmakers are CALLing FOR the GAO TO STUDY the INEQUITABLE JUSTICE SYSTEM FACING TRIBAL NATIONS IN DIFFERENT STATES. Representative Jared Huffman of California U.S. Senator Alex Padilla, Senator Lisa Murkowski, Vice Chair of the Committee on Indian Affairs, and Jeff Merkley, Chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee on the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies, sent a letter to the Governmental Accountability Office (GAO) requesting they examine tribal criminal justice outcomes in states that have civil and criminal jurisdiction over Tribal lands – Alaska, California, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oregon, and Wisconsin – as compared to the rest of the country. They also requested GAO investigate how these complex criminal justice jurisdictional challenges impact investigations and protections for missing or murdered Indigenous women and people.

Those are your headlines at this hour. I’m Colette Keith in the KIPI News center. 

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