February 5th, 2023

List of those killed and wounded at the massacre in Wounded Knee

Big Foot

Editor’s Note: This following list was provided by CRST tribal member Bruce Brown Wolf. The list is not meant to be all inclusive and may not be complete. According to Brown Wolf, the list of names was presented during a meeting in 1989 in Cherry Creek; however, when the list was created is unknown. “My great grandfather, who signed it, passed away in 1966 and in the late 1920s through the early 1950s was the President of the Wounded Knee Survivors Association off and on. So it could of happened during that time frame, the making of the list. And to validate it at a meeting at that time, he probably was asked to sign it as the president,” said Brown Wolf.

Enumeration of persons belonging to Big Foot Band of Minniconjou of the Cheyenne River Tribe of Indians residing on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, in the State of South Dakota, who were slaughtered regardless of sex after their weapons included needless were confiscated.

1. Big Foot (m)

2. Confiscated Bow (m)

3. Whirlwind (m)

4. White Face Sun (f)

5. Light Hair (f)

6. Whip (f)

7. Her Sacred Blanket (f)

8. Bad Hand, or ring (m)

9. Son of Wing (m)

10. Audacious Bear (m)

11. First (f)

12. Minnikowoju win (f)

13. Her Good Cloud (f)

14. Wooden Core (f)

15. Beaver Woman (f)

16. Male Crow (m)

17. Handsome (f)

18. Her Good Cloud (m)

19. Slippery Hide (m)

20. White Haired Bear (m)

21. Scarlet White Buffalo (f)

22. Distrust Ahead (m)

23. Comes Last (m)

24. Dogskin Necklace (m)

25. Weasel (m)

26. Brown Turtle (m)

27. Cannu (m)

28. Arousing Squirrel’s Mother (f)

29. Arousing Squirrel

30. Feather Man (m)

31. Use Horn For Toilet (m)

32. Rattler (f)

33. Brown (m)

34. High Hawk (m)

35. High Hawk’s Mother (f)

36. Bring Earth To Her (f)

37. WhirlWind Bear (m)

38. Appears Twice (m)

39. Handsome (f)

40. Blind (f)

41. White Day (f)

42. Son of White Day (m)

43. Wears Calfskin Robe (m)

44. Bad Owner Without Rope (m)

45. Mrs. Bad Owner Without Rope (f)

46. Bad Owner’s Mother (f)

47. Black Hawk (m)

48. Cheyenne Woman (f)

49. Weasel Bear (m)

50. Wounded Hand (m)

51. Battle Woman (f)

52. Loud Voice Thunder (m)

53. Elk Tooth (f)

54. Wm. Horn Cloud (m)

55. Nest (f)

56. Mrs. Wm. Horn Cloud (f)

57. Kills Who Stands In Timber (m)

58. Mrs. Kills In Timber (f)

59. Fools Bear (m)

60. White Woman (f)

61. Bad Spotted Eagle (m)

62. Yellow Bird (m)

63. Scarlet Otter (f)

64. Long Bull (m)

65. Burnt Thigh (f)

66. Sherman Horn Cloud (m)

67. Mrs. Dewey Beard (f)

Enumeration of persons from the Bald Head Band.

1. Brown Woman (f)

2. Bird Shakes Itself (m)

3. Brown In The Ears (m)

4. Son of Brown In The Ears (m)

5. Knife Scabbard/Kills We (m)

6. Mrs. Knife Scabbard (f)

7. Wolf Ears (m)

8. Good Boy (m)

9. Feather Earrings (m)

10. Son of Feather Earrings (m)

11. Mrs. Little Bull (f)

12. Close To Lodge (m)

13. Young Deer (m)

14. Shoot With Hawk Feathers (m)

15. Mrs. Shoots With Hawk Feathers’ mother (f)

16. Red Eagle (m)

17. Ghost Horse (m)

18. Kills (m)

19. White Horse (m)

20. Log (m)

21. Day (m)

22. Male Eagle (m)

23. His War (m)

24. Brown Hoop (m)

25. Mrs. Male Eagle (f)

26. Peaked (m)

27. Girl (f)

28. Shoots The Bear (m)

29. Shoots The Bear’s mother (f)

30. Small Bodied Bear (m)

31. Scarlet Calf (f)

32. Son of Scarlet Calf (m)

33. Kills Assiniboine (m)

34. Kills Crow Indian (m)

35. Brown Bull (m)

36. Mrs. Brown Bull (f)

Enumeration of persons belonging from Cherry Creek District, who were also slaughtered with Big Foot Band, 1890.

1. Strong Fox (m)

2. Brown Leaf (f)

3. Successful Spy (m)

4. Charger (m)

5. Battle Leaf (f)

6. Runs Off With Horses (m)

7. Unintentionally Brave (m)

8. Grey In The Eyes (m)

9. Good Enemy (f)

10. Scatters Them (m)

11. Wind (f)

12. White Hat (m)

13. Used For Brother (f)

14. Unafraid Of Camp (m)

15. Benefactress (f)

16. Brown In Ears (f)

17. White Dog (m)

18. Sacred In Appearance (m)

19. Red Horn (m)

20. Good Hawk (m)

21. Her Red Horse (f)

22. Wing Eagle (m)

23. Shot At Accurately (m)

24. Son of Shot At Accurately (m)

25. Wounded Hand (m)

26. Clown Woman (f)

27. Loud Voice Thunder (m)28. Elk Creek (m)

29. Have Scarlet (f)

30. Speckled Chief (m)

31. Pretty Voice Elk (m)

32. Good Bear (m)

33. Cotton Wood (m)

Enumeration of persons from the Hunkpapa Band of Standing Rock Reservation, who were subsequently dead of wound, after the battle of Wounded Knee Massacre, 1890.

1. Runs With Fussy Hair (m)

2. Mrs. Eagle Hawk (f)

3. Dependable (f)

4. Mrs. Stands With (f)

These were wounded at the Big Foot Massacre, but lived.

1. Looks Back (f)

2. Bear Gone (f)

3. Turns Back (f)

4. Red Fish (m)

These are Hunkpapa who were slaughtered outright with Big Foot band.

1. Ashes (m)

2. Breaks Arrow With Foot (m)

3. Bird’s Belly (f)

4. Brings Choice (m)

5. Sacred Face (f)

6. Swift Bird (m)

7. Flying Hawk (m)

These persons were in the Big Foot Massacre, but were not wounded (Hunkpapa).

1. Squirrel Bear (m)

2. Tall Hair (m)

3. Lives Reckless (m)

4. John Spotted Bear (m)

5. Red Belt (f)

6. Scarlet Rotation (f)

West River Eagle