KIPI News, September 28, 2022 – Part 1

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Colorado schools that retired Native American mascots grapple with a cultural shift. Keepers of school spirit reluctantly resigned changes to jerseys, and other objects emblazon with Indians and savages were sold to the highest bidder. A sale and silent auction at Lamar High School in Lamar Colorado were for all remaining savage’s mascot memorabilia, the school is now home to the Lamar Thunder, the mascot is a snorting Buffalo charging at full speed.

A second ancient Native American canoe is discovered in Wisconsin, according to a statement released by the Wisconsin Historical Society. A second ancient canoe has been recovered from Lake Matata last year, a 1200-year-old canoe was discovered in the lakes mud by Maritime Archeologist, Tamara Thompson while on a recreation dive, she found another which has been radio carinated to 3,000 years ago while diving this past Spring. The vessel carved from single piece of white oak measures about 4 ½ ft. long.

The North Dakota tribal college system announced a new apprenticeship program developed in partnership with, Hess and Haliburton Oil Corporations to improve educational and employment opportunities for Native Americans in North Dakota. Over the next four years, Hess will invest twelve million dollars to provide tuition assistance, stipends, and other support for establishing apprenticeships in a variety of industries designed by each of the states five tribal colleges, based on the local job market and needs of their tribal communities.

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