March 24th, 2023

KIPI News March 16, 2023 – Part 2

South Dakota lawmakers are taking a break in the legislative session until they return later in March to consider any bills Republican Gov. Kristi Noem vetoed. Republican legislative leaders were focused on cutting taxes when the session began in January. A few months later, they can declare victory on that topic, as they passed the biggest tax break in state history. Their record was more mixed on other topics, ranging from restricting gender-affirming care for transgender people to limiting foreign ownership of farmland.


An Indigenous woman was told to remove her traditional woven baby carrier while visiting an exhibition of Native American art at the Portland Art Museum in Oregon on Saturday. The museum has since issued a public apology, has reached out to the family, and is revising its visitor policies. The Karuk mother, who was visiting the major traveling retrospective for Oscar Howe, was asked by a visitors services employee to remove her baby carrier, as it violated the museum’s policy against backpack wearing. She left the exhibition after refusing to remove the carrier and posted about the incident on Facebook.

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