March 23rd, 2023

KIPI News February 3, 2023 – Part 1

Las Vegas police have arrested former actor Nathan Chasing Horse at his home after uncovering what they describe as two decades of sexual assault and human trafficking allegations. Chasing Horse is known for his role in the Oscar-winning Kevin Costner film “Dances with Wolves.” Police say he built a reputation for himself among tribes across the United States and Canada as a so-called medicine man and used his position to abuse young Native American girls. Chasing Horse is accused of sexually assaulting girls as young as 13 and taking wives as young as 15. Police say the assaults occurred in multiple states, including Nevada, and in Canada. No lawyer was immediately listed for him Tuesday in court records.


Federal environmental regulators have blocked a proposed Alaska mine heralded by backers as the most significant undeveloped copper and gold resource globally. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency took the unusually strong step Tuesday. It’s concerned about the mine’s environmental impact on a rich aquatic ecosystem that supports the world’s largest sockeye salmon fishery. Alaskan Native tribes and environmentalists celebrated Pebble Mine’s veto. But Pebble Limited Partnership CEO John Shively calls the move “unlawful” and says a lawsuit is likely. Tribes in the Bristol Bay region in 2010 petitioned the EPA to protect the area under the federal Clean Water Act.


Those are your headlines at this hour. I’m Colette Keith in the KIPI News center.