February 6th, 2023

KIPI News, August 5, 2022 – Part 2

A Montana law that would have required people who turn 18 in the month before an election to vote in person — thus denying them the option to vote absentee — violates the state Constitution, a judge has ruled. District Court Judge Michael Moses, in his ruling Wednesday, said the law passed by the Republican-controlled Legislature was not the least restrictive way to make sure people meet age and residency requirements to vote.

In the aftermath of pamphlets distributed at Pine Ridge proclaiming Jesus as the “true God” of Native Americans, Oglala Sioux Tribe Council officials have taken action through a series of emergency meetings in recent weeks to address churches and missionaries allegedly using “impoverished children for financial gain.” The ordinance, mandating all churches and missionaries register and go through an authorization process with Tribal Council delegates saying that conducting missionary activities without prior authorization from the Tribal Council” is “grounds for exclusion of non-members.” The ordinance goes into effective immediately.

The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe PRIMARY ELECTION will be held this coming Tuesday, AUGUST 9th. On the ballot are choices for 2 Chairman-At-Large candidates…(2) Treasurer-At-Large candidates and an unopposed Secretary Candidate. Also on the ballot, 2 District No. 1 Council Representatives…In District 2 there is No Vacancy… in District No. 3 there are Two candidates 4 candidates in district 4 and in districts 5 and 6 there are certified candidates who will forego the primary election.