February 3rd, 2023

KIPI News, August 4, 2022 – Part 1

Albert Bender, a Cherokee activist says politicians who do nothing to stop gun violence are themselves monsters…Junes Texas massacre of 19 elementary school children and two teachers on the eve of their next-to-last day of school brings forth unspeakable, unimaginable sadness and infuriating anger. It is hard to conceive the tremendous never-ending hurt felt by the families of those who lost their lives. Bender says The U.S. government is in a state of “moral paralysis” on the recurrence of mass shootings. l provisions include new investments for clean energy projects.

The Climate Justice team at NDN Collective said the recent passage of the scaled-down version of President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better legislation introduces “new harms” to the planet by opening up oil and gas leasing in Alaska, as well as a major subsidy for carbon capture technology, “a false solution that has harmful impacts on land and people. The World Meteorological Association says there is a 50/50 chance that the Earth will reach or surpass the critical mark of 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) warming between now and 2026. The result is that the odds for every major climate disaster, fires, flooding, storms, and infectious diseases, will continue to increase.

KILI Radio on the Pine Ridge Reservation is seeking a new look. The building that the station broadcasts from now was built by members of the community on the side of Porcupine Butte in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation 40 years ago. Board members hope to build a new station just down the road from the current station. The project is set to be completed in the next 2 years.