February 5th, 2023

KIPI News, August 22, 2022 – Part 1


, 2022 – Part 1

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has developed a new strategy to better engage with hundreds of Native American Tribes facing climate change related disasters. The agency announced plans to include 574 federally recognized tribal nations in discussions about possible future dangers from climate change, FEMA has airmarked fifty million dollars in grants for tribes pursuing ways to ease burdens related to extreme weather. FEMA administrator, DeAnne Priswell says “tribal communities across the country are facing increased threats as a direct result of climate change, from changing sea levels to more floods and wildfires.”

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has elected Lynette Austin as the President of its board of trustees, she is the first Native American board chair at a major U.S. Arts Institution. “I am excited and honored to be elected as the President of the board of trustees.” Said Austin, “The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts tells the story of people and their cultures through art, and it is my hope to continue to offer guidance about Virginias and the country’s rich cultural heritage.” Austin served on the museum’s board of trustees since 2017.

Today the Cheyenne River BIA Agency Office will begin opening sealed for the forty-eight farm pastures encompassing over 11,000 acres, where nearly twenty square miles of the most agriculturally valuable land on the reservation. The bidding closed at 10 AM this morning.