CRST 2022 Primary Election Results

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Final CRST Primary election results are in. In the race for Tribal Chairman Ryman Lebeau with 472 and Harold Frazier with 424 will face off in the general election. 

In the race for Treasurer Kevin Keckler with 814 and Kenita Counting with 586 will advance to the General.

In the Council Race for District 1 Bernita In the Woods with 141 and Daniel James Marshall with 112 will advance.

in District 3, Kenric Dupris with 83 votes and Michelle White Wolf with 62 will advance.

In District 4 the top 4 will move forward to the general. That will be Kelsie Haskell 223, Thad Rose 196, Merrie Miller 195 and Charles “Festus” Fischer 157.

The full 2022 primary election official results are available below:



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