February 2nd, 2023

Cheyenne River football season round-up

Cheyenne River Football Players

Timber Lake Panthers: The Timber Lake Panthers fell to the Harding County Ranchers in their last regular season game on Friday, October 17, which left the Panthers with a record of 6-2. Two interceptions and a defense that was unable to stop the Ranchers’ offense resulted in a loss 30-62.

Going into the first round of the Class 9A Football Playoffs, they are seeded 3 with a seed points average of 42.750.

The Panthers are scheduled to play against the Warner Monarchs in the first round on Thursday, October 24. The Monarchs (5-2) are seeded 2 with a seed points average of 43.429.

Dupree Tigers

In Class 9B action, the Dupree Tigers, who have a record of 3-5, will play in the first round against the number 1 seed Harding County on Thursday night in Buffalo.

Takini Skyhawks

In their inaugural year of the new All-Nations Football Conference, the Takini Skyhawks lost all seven games they played in the season; however, with each game, they gained experience, said Takini Coach Donald Schroeder.

“We are going through the growing pains of being a rookie team — the boys learned a lot and are looking forward to next year. We started out with nine players and finished the season with twelve players,” said Schroeder.

The coach shared that the players had never played football before and had to learn the basics of the sport “and didn’t even know how to get into a three-point stance. Everything was new to them.”

Even though their season just ended, the team and school are already gearing up for next season and plans for improvement include summer camps and working on blocking and tackling.

“With each game and each practice session, the boys are learning. They will come back stronger next year,” said Schroeder.